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Hulkfit Pro Series Lever/Jammer Arms

Sale price$180.00

We finally created the Jammer Arms for our Pro Series line of Power Cages and Squat Racks. Expand your home gym workout equipment set up with our Pro Series Jammer Arms. These Jammer Arms are designed to fit onto the 2.35” x 2.35” upright poles of the Pro Series Power Cage and they are height adjustable.

Forged from high grade 11 gauge steel, painted with low gloss black paint and finished with a powder coat to help reduce the risk of rust. The rubber stoppers prevent paint damage to the upright poles and helps reduce grinding type sounds that can occur when metal rubs on metal.

Increase your total fitness and strength with dynamic, explosive upper and lower body exercises. Steel cut numbering system makes adjusting the height easy. Decide a comfortable spot you can lift from, make sure they are at the same height level on each side, then, use the pins to help lock into place. Standard 2” Olympic style weight plates can be loaded on the weight plate sleeves with ease. Just lock the weights down with our Aluminum Barbell Collars or Nylon Barbell Collars.

The maximum weight capacity is 200 pounds for each arm.

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Hulkfit Pro Series Lever/Jammer Arms Sale price$180.00