HulkFit Pro Series Accessories & Attachments


Add additional accessories or attachments to your HulkFit Power Cage, Squat Stand Pro and Wall Mounted Power Rack! Compatible with our racks, cages and stands with 2.5in by 2.5in square tubes. Please measure the upright tubes prior to purchasing these accessories. 

J-Hooks (Pair) - You can never have enough J-Hooks on your power cage or squat stand. These are built with heavy duty steel and powder coated in black to prevent rust and corrosion. 

Spotter Arms (Pair)- Spotter arms provide you with additional safety in the case that your bar slips or you're lifting beyond your means. Our straight spotter arms/dip bars are compatible with 2.5in by 2.5in square tubes with the ability to handle extra weight. Powder coated in black to prevent rust and corrosion. 

Weight Plate Holders (Pair) - Use your rack as storage to hold additional plates.

T-Bar Row : The T-Bar Row is a perfect addition to increase the number of exercises with your Power Cage or Squat Stand. Built with same quality steel as the equipment and fits 1" or 2" Barbells. They also swivel 360 degrees to increase the range of motion.

Barbell Clamp Collars (Pair) - Secure your bumper plates or cast iron plates onto your barbell with our clamp collars. Come in a variety of colors. 

Barbell Hangers (Pair) - Store your barbells on our hangers. Compatible with all of our stands and cages. Simply put the screw through any hole and tighten with a bolt. 

Safety Straps (Pair) - Made of Dacron material, our safety straps offer many advantages of a traditional safety bars. The set is only compatible with 2.5in by 2.5in vertical posts on our Hulkfit Power Cage. The strap hangers are designed similar to our J-Hooks which is a pin and swing system. Unlike traditional safety bars, our safety straps have the ability to handle 1,100lbs (individually) and provide you peace of mind when lifting heavier weights. 

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