Hulkfit Calibrated Steel Weight Plates


Our brand new Calibrated Weight Plates have arrived! Precise weight measurements with 99% accuracy and cut thin for maximizing load capacity. The collar is 50mm and will fit on most standard barbells. Our barbells are designed to be a perfect match for these plates. Each plate is manufactured with cast iron and features a low gloss, painted finish. They feature measurements in pounds, kilograms, and are color coded for easy identification so you can focus on strength training.

The whole set has a total weight of 245 pounds (2x2.5 lbs plate + 2x5 lbs plate + 2x10 lbs plate + 2x25 lbs plate + 2x35 lbs plate + 2x45 lbs plate). The 2.5 pound, 5 pound, and 10 pound plates come in pairs.

We highly recommend using these on a protected surface so that you can avoid any damage to your floor or plates. Note that these plates may have some cosmetic issues after using, but will not affect the integrity of the product.

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