Hulkfit 2” Olympic Shock Absorbing Bumper Weight Plates - Black


Add a new dimension to your fitness equipment collection. We built these sleek bumper plates from 100% virgin rubber and will absorb vibration generated from dropping weights. We use semi-gloss virgin rubber to help extend the lifetime of your Olympic style plates with stainless steel collar inserts that will fit on all of our 2” barbells (black and chrome). Another benefit you get from virgin rubber is that it will reduce the bounce of the weights and lowers the chances of injury. The collar is designed with a knurled surface so weights will stay in place and to ensure they don’t fall off. Use clamp collars for extra security measure. 

The 10 and 15 pound sizes will bend if used on their own respectively. We strongly recommend using the 10 and 15 pound plates with 25 pound plates and above so you avoid the risk of damage to your gear. 

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