HulkFit Heavy Duty Cable Machine Attachments

$186.05 $206.73

Build up back and spine strength with the Mag Grip Cable Pulldown Bars. This is one of the most important upgrades to your workout routine and gym equipment collection. The reason behind this is that 70% of your upper body is in your back. By developing stronger back muscles, it is going to help with your ability to breathe and maintain good posture. Breathing is key to optimizing any strength training routine and for general endurance during conditioning.Each attachment is built from heavy duty steel with a non-slip, durable rubber casing that helps you keep a firm hold while working up a sweat. It is easy to attach, simply clip on a carabiner to our Lat Pulldown attachment, and you are ready to begin lifting. A pronated grip is when a weightlifter’s palm is turned away from themselves, a supinated grip is the opposite of a pronated grip, and neutral grip is palm to palm perpendicular to your body. We recommend using these attachments on our Lat Pulldown or Cable Crossover on our Power Cage. The recommended weight capacity is 800 lbs and has a maximum capacity of 1,000 lbs.

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