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Hulkfit Elite Series Power Cage and Accessories

Sale price$832.20


We proudly introduce our spacious and ruggedly built Elite Series Power Cage with our logo laser cut onto the poles themselves. The types of training you can do on this rack are limitless - strength training, body weight training, resistance band training, and circuit training. 

This rack is designed for those looking for a higher weight capacity or more stability during their strength training. Highlights include a more stable frame (3” x 3” upright poles), a higher gauge steel (11 gauge), and we added more accessories - 8 x Resistance Band Bars, 2 x Spotter Arms with J Hooks, 2 x J-Hooks, 2 x Weight Plate Holders, 1 x Pull Up Bar.

The spacious, more stable frame means you can feel secure in lifting heavier without any physical restrictions. Total weight capacity is 1200 pounds. The brackets are larger and thicker, this will help keep the frame more tightly compacted without the possibility of swaying. 11 gauge steel allows you the freedom to add as much weight as you can handle and the cage will not budge. 

We recommend adding larger attachments like the Lever or Jammer Arms and a Lat Pulldown, which we specifically designed for the 3” x 3” upright poles. Other attachments you can add to the rack are the Battle Rope Anchor, Vertical Barbell Storage, Horizontal Barbell Storage, J Hooks (pair), and Weight Plate Holder. Please note that accessories are not compatible with pro series power cage (HFPC-1).

Product Specifications - Overall Product Dimensions for Power Cage 82” x 59” x 49”, Pull Up Bar 42” x 1.25” diameter, Weight Plate Holders 14.75” x 2” diameter, Spotter Arms with J Hooks 46.75” x 3” x 3”, Resistance Band Bars 10.25” x 1” diameter, Bracket Plates 7.75” x 7.6” x .5”, Bolts/Screws 4.5”, and Hex Head Nuts .75” - 1”. Total product weight of 302 pounds. Total weight capacity 1200 pounds. NOTE - Ships in 4 boxes.

Hulkfit Elite Series Power Cage and Accessories
Hulkfit Elite Series Power Cage and Accessories Sale price$832.20