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HulkFit Power Cage - 1000lb Capacity


The Hulkfit Power Cage is a centerpiece to any home and garage gym without spending a fortune. With the ability to handle up to 1000lbs, this power cage gives you the flexibility for multiple strength training exercises, within a safe environment and in a compact space. Included are two safety bars/safety straps with J-hooks, two BONUS J-hooks and two circle dip bars. Please note that we are in the middle of transitioning from safety bars to safety straps. Based on customer feedback, we switched over to safety straps as they provide more versatility and don't damage your barbell if dropped on them. We cannot guarantee what you receive in your shipment.

  • 1000lb Capacity
  • Assembled Dimensions: 81"-85" x 44" x 47"
  • Product Weight : 135lbs

The power cage is customizable with optional add-ons including a Lat Pull Down and Low Row attachment, Cable Crossover Machine. 

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