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Warranty Registration

Fill out the form below to register your product for HulkFit Product's 2 year warranty.

HulkFit warrants that the product you have purchased is free from defects in materials or workmanship under normal use during the warranty period of 2 years. This warranty applies only in the United States for products manufactured by HulkFit and purchased directly from HulkFit or from an authorized retailer/dealer. This warranty is non-transferable and applies to the original purchaser.

This warranty does not extend to any product that has been damaged or rendered defective; (a) as a result of accident, misuse, or abuse; (b) by the use of parts not manufactured or sold by HulkFit; (c) by modification of the product or (d) using product in a manner for which it is not intended.

Depending on the product, the warranty does not cover peeling paint/finish, scuffs or rust. Any signs of misuse will be considered a void of warranty.