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Our Story

Hulkfit is an official supplier of quality and affordable residential fitness products. We were founded in 2018 under the basic premise that customers shouldn’t have to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars for a home gym. We understand that there are already countless hurdles in the way of achieving our health and wellness goals and we believe that cost shouldn’t be one of them. Therefore we’re committed to helping you on your fitness journey without emptying your savings account. Additionally, we strive to supply quality and reliable products and desire to serve you - our customers - with unparalleled service.

One of our first reviews on Amazon still remains our favorite to this day:


This is the customer experience we aim to give every customer! Solid fitness equipment with unbeatable value so you can focus on reaching the next level!

Our Team

Team Photo

We love our team as much as we love our customers. They’re extremely dedicated to their jobs and always looking to go above and beyond to ensure our consumers have the best experience possible.


Avi Nagavalli | Owner and CEO

As the leader of the team, Avi is responsible for the strategy and operations of the Hulkfit. While juggling multiple priorities is a normal occurrence, he is always looking for ways to improve whether it’s a process or a product. Fortunately for him, he has a team that is focused on the ultimate goal: a satisfied and happy customer. When he’s not working on the business, Avi is usually running after his kids or enjoying a glass of wine with his wife. As a diehard Toronto sports fan, he always finds time to catch a Raptors, Leafs, or Blue Jays game…but during football season, it’s Bills Mafia!

Favorite Workout: Deadlifts


Dennis Caoile | Business Development Manager

Dennis is our business development manager and on point to build partnerships with different businesses in our industry. With experience as a personal trainer, you can catch him making subtle comments about our lifting form. Lucky for us, we can get some free tips! Outside of work, he enjoys the occasional 49ers and Lakers game while cooking up a meal. 

Favorite Workout: Incline Dumbbell Press


Charles Jimenez | Warehouse Manager

Charles is our warehouse manager who keeps shipments moving in and out of our warehouse at a ridiculous pace. He won’t admit it but he’s trained for the STRONGMAN competition before and in high school was a two-time CIF champion in Wrestling and Football. While we’re thankful that we didn’t line up across from him in a game, we are very appreciative of him lifting our 140lb power cage with relative ease. Oh, and his max bench is 425lbs and max deadlift is 800lbs.

Favorite Workout: C.T Fletcher Arm Workout


Alexander Davis | Social Media Coordinator

Alexander is our social media coordinator responsible for our company and brand content across all platforms. He has years of experience working with small businesses across multiple industries. A local resident, Alexander went to school in the east coast at Virginia Union University and played football for the panthers and anchored the offensive line as their starting center. When not at work or dreaming about playing in the NFL, he's usually watching a disappointing Philadelphia Eagles performance on Sunday or watching his Lakers at the Staples Center. 

Favorite Workout: Deadlifts, Squats and Bench Press


Ethan Phaodith | Customer Service Associate

Ethan is our customer service representative who is our direct connection to the customer. He serves customers as if he were the customer herself, understanding your needs and answering any questions or issues you may have.

Favorite Workout: Endurance Training Workouts



Daniel Gaunt | E-Commerce Associate

 Daniel is our e-commerce associate responsible for our business. He has years of experience working with multiple companies on their e-commerce presence and will surely communicate our brand to all of our customers searching online. While not working on the e-commerce business, you can catch him training Muay Thai and watching golden retriever videos with his girlfriend.

Favorite Workout: Martial Arts & Cardio Weightlifting