Hulkfit 2 Tier Adjustable Dumbbell Weight Storage Rack with 10 Removable Cups

$100 $160

Our 2 Tier Adjustable Weight Storage Rack is built from hardy 2mm thick powder coated steel and features 10 high density plastic cups that are removable. Load and unload your weights with relative ease with the ergonomic, angled design of the top tier. We angled it to help identify weights much more quickly during timed workout sessions and for biomechanical purposes. This means we shaped the unit to work with the contours of the human body to lift the weights in a more natural way. The shock absorbing feet will help stabilize the rack and provide a cushion between the unit and the floor. 

We recommend placing lower weighted circular dumbbells on the cups and removing the cups for dumbbells weighing more than 30 lbs. Dumbbells that weigh more than 30 lbs should be racked on the bottom tier. We do not recommend storing hex shaped dumbbells on the cups because they will lie flat naturally. With the cups removed, there will be more space to store chalk or other accessories like our clamp collars.

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